The Key To Enjoying Your Own Event

If you’ve put in a ton of work planning a big event or party then of course you want to be able to enjoy it stress free. By hiring an event hostess to help you the day of the event you will be able to rely on someone else when it comes to setting up, cleaning up, and running the show so you’re free to enjoy yourself.

The Pros of an Event Hostess

How many times have you spent hours planning a special event only to have it pass by in a blur because you were too busy dealing with the details, issues, and questions during the actual party/event. Wouldn’t it have been nice to enjoy yourself and enjoy all the hard work and planning you put into it? You don’t get to re-live the day or re-live the event and it would be really nice to have more than just pictures to remember it by.

This is where a professional event hostess can step in and lend a hand. Event hostesses can be used for a variety of events to make sure things run smooth and that guests are all happy and looked after while you socialize and mingle. The event hostess is a direct representative of the person or company that is hosting the actual event.

It’s common to find event hostesses help at such events as:

• Conferences, seminars, trade shows

• Birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement parties

• Baby and wedding showers

• Bachelor and bachelorette parties

• Dinner parties (in a private home or restaurant)

• Weddings

• Exhibitions

• Art shows

• Board meetings

You can think of an event hostess as an extra set of hands, someone who is there with the same responsibilities as you - making your guests happy, making sure all goes smoothly, and answering any questions from vendors or guests. Because you have someone helping you out your involvement can be cut back drastically allowing you instead to relax and enjoy the event with your guests.

Event hostesses excel at making an environment that feels warm, welcoming, and social for all the guests. If you find yourself a bit socially shy or nervous an event hostess can help out by acting as your voice. They will stand at the doors/entrance to the event to greet each and every guest as they arrive and help them with any questions they may have. If needed they can also act as an emcee, coordinate with special guests/speakers, coordinate with vendors, act as a spokesperson for the company hosting the event, and even mingle with the crowd. It’s up to you to set the parameters and make sure the event hostess covers all the basis you need covered.

In general you'll find the majority of event hostesses are women. It's not unheard of to find males but the majority tend to be women. They tend to be very social and comfortable talking to people and adjust well to any setting/event. A professional event hostess will always be poised, polite, and put-together representing you or your company in the way you want.

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