Create Memories: Customize Your Gift Giving

When it comes to gift giving it’s always nice to give a gift that creates a lasting impression yet still remains affordable. One solution is to customize your gift making it unique, personal, and memorable.

Why Customize a Gift?

Of course it’s easy to walk into that big box store and grab the first item that you see, or easier yet pick up a gift card but does that really reflect how you feel about the recipient. Does it get across the message you want to convey and make the recipient feel special. It’s likely not going to be a gift they will remember years from now with a grin on their face.

Customizing a gift is a way of making the gift special and shows you wanted to make that extra effort. It sets your gifts apart in what can seem like a sea of gifts and demands to be noticed.

Gifts that Can Be Customized

Gifting someone with that perfect gift not only feels good but it’s also nice to see that the money you’ve spent was put to good use. If you want your gift to stand out why not customize it and build it specifically for the recipient.

Some of the top customizable gifts include:

A calendar – Everyone uses calendars to jot down important dates, appointments, and holidays. Why not create a customized calendar filled with memorable pictures of you and the recipient together. Not only will this be a thoughtful gift but they’ll think of you and the memories you’ve shared throughout the entire year.

A gift basket – Instead of walking into a big box store and picking up a generic gift basket, why not go with a customized one. You can find gift baskets that have been specially created for chocolate lovers, coffee lovers, those who love to read, those with an appreciation for fine wine, and even those who have a love for card games. A customized gift basket shows not only that you were thinking of them but that you know them well and know exactly what it is that they enjoy.

A floral arrangement – This one is great for the special lady in your life. Instead of a dozen roses you can get creative and unique and make a collection of her favorite colors or flowers. For a twist why not pick a potted arrangement of her favorites that she’ll be able to keep for longer than a week and possibly even plant outside.

A keychain – There’s nothing more fun than glancing at your keychain to find the face of the person you love staring back at you. Customized photo keychains are especially great for Father’s day and Mother’s day.

Customized clothing – Why not show the world how much you love the recipient by printing it on a t-shirt. You can opt for a humorous shirt or even have a picture of the two of you put on the shirt. Get creative and try to be as unique as possible.

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  1. Angel

    Great tips!!! I’ll have to try a few of these.

  2. Mom

    Such beautiful arrangements & so creative..I Love It..!!

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